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Galeo Saintz

environmental peace . trails . conservation . poetry

Hi, I am Galeo.

I work internationally in environmental peace, trails and conservation.

I am founder and co-founder of multiple non-profit organizations and initiatives linked to trails and conservation issues. I am a mountain wilderness guide and lead unique trips and expeditions linked to conservation & ecological awareness.

When time allows I write poetry and reflection pieces.

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My skills are leading and convening civil society non-profit boards, international task teams, projects and expeditions.

Being the Founding Chair of the World Trails Network, a Swiss-based international non-profit association working for trails globally, I help shape a global outdoor sector that makes a difference to rural communities, to nature and to tourism.

My role as Co-Chair of the IUCN – CEESP Commission’s Theme on Environment and Peace, and its Task Force on Migration and Environmental Change, fosters collaboration for environmental peacebuilding.

I have led multiple conservation focused expeditions raising awareness and funds for projects facilitating co-existence with other species. These included the Rhino Reality campaign and expedition. A journey of 300km on foot through 8 protected areas in the heart of black and white rhino territory in South Africa. The Wolf OR-7 Expedition, which followed the dispersal route of a lone wolf for 1,200 miles through Oregon and California in the USA.

I am an accomplished public speaker and storyteller and have given presentations and convened panels at various trails and conservation congresses around the world.

Each year I take time out and work as a mountain wilderness guide. I love guiding in the Cape Mountains and especially on the Rim of Africa Traverse, which I co-founded in 2009. I also helped establish the Eden to Addo Great Corridor & Hike in 2006.  I currently host the annual Garden Route Walking Festival. I volunteer my professional time in leading multiple international and regional projects through the organizations I have established or partner with.

I have supported and mentored multiple next generation leaders to establish their own NGOs and conservation or trail related projects.

I hold an MSc degree from Schumacher College in the UK. My research interests include the confluence between nature, peace and economics, conservation funding mechanisms, the link between trails, tourism and conservation, corridors and ecology, holism and complex systems.

Finally, I love adventure – the thrill of a challenge, be it physical or intellectual and the joy of seeing a long held vision come into reality.

I believe in the power of partnership and collaboration.

If you wish to partner, collaborate or employ my services for high impact projects or campaigns linked to conservation, trails or environmental peacebuilding, I am available as a:

  • Conservation Ecologist – Biodiversity Corridors
  • Expedition Leader – Fundraising
  • Holistic Scientist – Phenomenology
  • Trail Developer & Trails auditor
  • Keynote Speaker, Storyteller & Poet

Click on the email or WhatsApp link below and make contact. 

Galeo Saintz

“. . . finally you took that walk with nature
and came to know who you are, quietly,
a heart of peace at last
in the presence of wild being, becoming.”

     –  Excerpt from the poem: Presence of Wild Being   

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